Our New Facility

An overview of our recent relocation, including new additions and improvements.
Our New Facility - Hillbrush and Visit Hillbrush

We would like to extend a huge thank you for your patience and understanding during our relocation to our brand new premises.

Now that we have settled in, we wanted to share more details about our new location and invite you to visit us.
We have moved into a 100,000sqft premises encompassing an expanded Injection Moulding Division with state of the art machinery and efficient processes.

Our Brushmaking capacity has increased with two additional machines now in place, allowing us to continue to produce the finest quality brushes as efficiently as possible.

You may have also seen our completely new attraction, Visit Hillbrush. Our new visitor centre includes a shop selling quality products and gifts, a restaurant with extensive menu including all day brunch, and the UK’s first brush museum with antique machinery, the history of brush making and an overview of how brushes are made. To find out more about the visitor centre, take a look at www.visit.hillbrush.com where you can keep up to date with the latest news and events taking place in this unique visitor attraction.

Visit Hillbrush Shop

Visit Hillbrush Museum

We took the decision to build the new facility on the outskirts of Mere, Wiltshire as this is where the Company was originally founded in 1922! The new development has improved internal processes across the business, as the large open plan office lends itself to open communication across departments.

One of the most important reasons for the move, was to provide our staff with areas for relaxation and comfort, as well as an efficient working environment. Hillbrush employees have access to a free on-site gym, staff Hub serving fresh meals daily at a fraction of the market price, picnic areas and a discount off the value of items purchased in the visitor centre. 

As one of the largest and long-established employers in the local area, we wanted to share our rich history with the local and wider community and invite you to find out more about everything we have planned for a long and exciting future. The main Company website, Hillbrush.com is our shop window for everything in our extensive product portfolio.