A brand is so much more than a range of products, it's a comfort zone, a conscious choice made by consumers as a result of excellent service and the build up of trust. Below we have outlined the trusted brands available from Hillbrush:


Specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage processing industries to perform in hygienically sensitive areas. The range includes: Anti-Microbial Hygienic Tools, Resin-Set DRS® Brushware and Total MDX Hygienic Tools®. Using the latest technological advancements to provide the very best cleaning tools for all applications.


Suitable for a variety of applications, from general janitorial duties to commercial window cleaning.

Hillbrush TRaditional

Uniquely tailored to meet the tough demands of the farming, building and maintenance industries. A comprehensive collection of high quality wooden brushware and cleaning tools, synonymous with strength, durability and longevity.